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Monika Böck, M.A.

M.A. Cultural and Social Anthropology

For questions about planning and organizing your studies (one and two-subject study programs), Monika Böck, M.A. can help you.

Laura Morris can help you with questions concerning the one-subject M.A. Program in combination with the a.r.t.e.s. Research Master Program.

KLIPS Support

With KLIPS 2.0, the campus management system of the University of Cologne, all students can administer their study programs on their own. Therefore, you can fix most of the KLIPS-problems yourself by carefully reading the “Online-KLIPS-Support for Students”, first! In particular you should study the page “Transferring Credits”, where you can learn how to transfer “active participation credits” to different modules.

If there are still some problems left, you are welcome to contact m.boeck@uni-koeln.de during her consultation hours on Monday 12.oo-14.oo.

For recognition of external achievements please contact your subject advisor.