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How to apply for the M.A. Culture and Environment in Africa?

Who can apply?

Applicants who hold a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in Archaeology, Social Anthropology, African Studies, Geography, Sociology, Development Sociology, Political Sciences, or other relevant disciplines are well suited for the Culture and Environment in Africa M.A. program. Non-native English speakers must provide proof of proficiency at the C1 level in the Common European Framework system.

How to apply?

We are welcoming applications through Uni-Assist, the online application portal for different universities in Germany. The handling fees for evaluation of international certificates and the preliminary examination of the application documents on behalf of Uni-Assist are 75 €. 

Closing Date for Applications

We strongly recommend to apply for the winter term, as the introductory courses for the program are offered during this period. Moreover, a limited number of scholarships for students from African countries are awarded starting in the winter term.

Deadline winter term: The deadline for applications for the winter term is July 15th. However, for students from non-European countries we suggest earlier application dates as the visa application process can take several months. Therefore, we strongly recommend non-Europeans to apply by end of February (for the winter term of the same year). The online portal Uni-Assist should be open for application from mid-January onwards.

Deadline summer term: Deadline for the applications for the summer term is 15th January. The online portal Uni-Assist should be open for application from mid-November onwards.

Information for Foreign Students

Foreign students can find detailed information on the application procedure and useful information on Visa/Finance, Residence Permit etc. on the university's website.

Uni-Assist provides support, if you need help with the online application procedure.

Currently, tuition fees for the term/semester are 266.30 €. The fees can be paid in person at enrolment. Information (in German) is available on the website of the 'Studiensekretariat'.

For further information regarding scholarships, please contact the current CEA-coordinator.