Course Guidance

You can obtain information on subject-specific course guidance, obligatory freshmen counselling and the Student Advisory and Counselling Centre here

Overview of Cultural and Social Anthropology Study Paths

On the following pages, you can obtain information on all courses of study in which the Institute of Cultural and Social Anthropology is involved in a leading capacity. 



Bachelor’s Degree in C&S Anthropology (Double-Subject Study Programme)

Since the winter semester 2007/08, the Institute of Cultural and Social Anthropology has offered a bachelor’s degree course in Cultural and Social Anthropology. It is only possible to commence studies in the winter semester; university places are allocated via a local numerus clausus. Start-up aid is provided to freshmen.



Master’s Degree in C&S Anthropology (Single- and Double-Subject Study Programme)

From winter semester 2011/12, a single-subject master’s degree course will be offered alongside the double-subject master’s in Cultural and Social Anthropology. This new master’s programme, oriented to research practice and aligned with the subjects of cultural ecology, socio-economics and media anthropology, is unique in Germany and highly competitive on an international scale. See Embarking on the MA in Cultural and Social Anthropology.



Master Culture and Environment in Africa (CEA)

The Master degree "Culture and Environment in Africa" is a two-year (4 terms = 4 "semester"), English-medium, interdisciplinary degree focusing on the archaeological, historical and contemporary political ecology of the African continent.



Professional Internships

An internship serves to acquaint students with the practical uses of anthropological knowledge. Such work experience may be gained in all professional fields that recognizably have to do with anthropological issues, e.g. in anthropological museums such as the Cologne Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum, in development aid organizations. Further information >


Fieldwork: Internships

Internships in fieldwork are offered at the Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology regularly. They are to enable students to gain practical fieldwork experience. Further information >

Offers for Schools

With its SUM project and its KölnerKinderUni programme for kids, the Cologne Institute of Cultural and Social Anthropology seeks to support schools by giving children and youth a variety of insights into anthropological work. Further information >