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Institute for Cultural and Social Anthropology
University of Cologne, Main Building
D-50923 Cologne, Germany

Tel: +49 (0)221/470-5623
Fax: +49 (0)221/470-5117
Email: ethnologie(at)uni-koeln.de

Facts and figures:

The staff appointment scheme of The Cologne Institute of Cultural & Social Anthropology includes four professorships (including one Junior Professor), two assistant lecturers, one lecturer for special tasks, and one graduate assistant. Furthermore one honorary professor and one supernumerary professor teach at the institute. In addition the research assistants working in different research projects enhance the spectrum of courses with their contributions.

91 students took up their studies of Cultural & Social Anthropology in the winter semester 2006/07. At the same time a total of 561 students were enrolled in the course of studies - 221 of them chose Cultural and Social Anthropology as main subject, and 340 as minor subject. Furthermore, students of Geography study Cultural & Social Anthropology as minor subject, and students of both Latin American Studies and East Asian Studies take it as their compulsory optional subject.

Admission to studies of Cultural & Social Anthropology in Cologne is restricted via the so-called Numerus Clausus (NC). In the winter semester 2005/06 the NC for Cultural & Social Anthropology as major subject was 2.2 (respectively 2.6 with a qualifying period of 2 semesters), and as minor subject 2.3 (respectively 2.7 with a qualifying period of 2 semesters). 

Between 1994 and 2001 a total number of 224 students took up their studies and 222 gained their Master´s degree. This is an exceptionally low rate of dropouts vis-à-vis other humanities (see Brumann, German pdf)

The job opportunities of anthropologists with a degree from Cologne are also rather positive according to recent research carried out among alumni in 1997 (see Bollig & Brumann, German pdf)

The online forum "ethnoLog: The network of Cologne Anthropologists" not only facilitates communication about a variety of interesting topics and events but provides information about jobs and/or further education for anthropologists.


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