Institute for Cultural and Social Anthropology / Library
Main Building / Building Element 6
University of Cologne
Albertus Magnus Platz
D 50923 Cologne


Astrid Hegemann, Dipl.Bibl., M.A.
Phone: 0049 (0)221-470 2005 (Monday till Thursday)
E-Mail: astrid.hegemann(at)

Opening Hours:

During term: 

Mo - Th09.00-19.00

(On Fridays, the library is open to working groups)

During semester breaks: 

Mo, Tu, Th10.00-13.00

Please take note:
The library and the Glaskasten have limited office hours during the semester break and will be closed between 13.00h and 13.30h on mondays to thursdays.

Glaskasten (Lending, Return + Extension):
Nele Adolph, Janusz Bendoraitis,
Solveig Petersen, Lotta Schütt,
Brice Stapelfeldt
Phone: 0049 (0)221-470 4086 
email: ethno-bibliothek(at)

We provide

  • approx. 28,000 books, with collections mainly focussing on Africa (particularly southern Africa) and Asia (particularly South Asia and Indonesia)
  • 65 periodicals and series
  • over 11,500 articles from 68 selected journals, volumes 1993-2002 (can be searched online in USB-Portal)
  • online searches of library holdings (books acquired after 1993, in USB-Portal; books acquired before 1993, in the digital card catalogue) ...more
  • contextual indexing of titles in USB-Portal via over 6,000 (English) descriptors
  • since 2005, abstracts added to titles in USB-Portal (source: publication announcements)
  • since 2004, user-oriented retro-cataloguing of old holdings as short titles
  • archiving of the previous two years’ seminar files
  • monthly accessions lists
  • lending (UCCard or USB card necessary, for first registration also ID card) of nearly all monographs except for reference works and current seminar reserves ...more