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Archived Content: Lecture Series Anthropology of Justice

 Archived on 18.01.2018 

Lecture Series Anthropology of Justice: The Ethical Stance

Guest lecture by Webb Keane, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


08.01.2018, 12 pm


Lecture Hall VIII, Main Building

Organised by

Prof. Dr. Susanne Brandtstädter, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Hinsch, Department of Philosophy

 Archived on 21.12.2017 

Lecture Series Anthropology of Justice: Justice – Can it be over-rated?

Guest lecture by Fernanda Pirie, Oxford


27.11.2017, 12 Uhr


Hörsaal VIII, Hauptgebäude

Organised by

Prof. Dr. Susanne Brandtstädter, Institut für Ethnologie

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Hinsch, Philosophisches Seminar