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Start of Master Social and Cultural Anthropology

Advisory Service on Starting the Master Social and Cultural Anthropology |  Summer 2022

Here we present more about the thematic and regional research and teaching foci of Cologne S&C Anthropology. We are going to introduce you to the staff of our department and explain in detail the structure of the Master programme.

Face to Face: Thursday 31.03.2022 from 10-11.30 in lecture hall XII, Main Building

The entrance to lecture hall XII is located on the ground floor of the Main Building (Hauptgebäude), Albertus-Magnus-Platz; click here


Meet & Greet - Lecturer and Students of Master Social & Cultural Anthropology | Summer 2022

Here we present the different options for organising your Master's degree in a research-oriented way and, for example, preparing and conducting your own fieldwork. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to share your experiences with fellow students and lecturers.

Face to Face: Mo 04.04.2022 from 12.00 to 15.30 in  Lecture Hall XII,  Main Building, Albertus Magnus Platz

Meet & Greet Programme
moderated by Dr. Christoph Lange

1.  Modifications in the Master's Curriculum (8th amendment regulation, valid since winter semester 21/22

2.  (Field) Research Practice in the Master's programme

  1. Fieldwork  Practice and Research Classes (two semesters) Starting in Summer 2022:
    • Decentering the Museum - Lab (Prof. Zillinger, introduced by C. Lange);
    • Ethnography on your Doorstep: on University Life (Prof. Kurfürst),
    • Research Class "World Heritage" (U. Wesch)
  2. Graduiertenkolleg Anschließen - Ausschließen (Prof. Kurfürst)
  3. Ongoing Research Projects of Prof'es Bollig, Brandstädter, Pelican, Zillinger