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Student Life in Cologne

There are many love songs about Cologne, mainly written by the carnival revelers. But what does the City of Cologne offer besides carnival, the Cologne Cathedral and the Rhine River? And what is so special about Cologne, especially for students of cultural anthropology?

Things You Can Do On And Around Campus

The University of Cologne is the second biggest University in Germany and offers a wide variety of sports. Most of the sports groups are for free and there is a big variety of activities. Dancing, gulf, fencing - whatever you may prefer!

The cafeteria offers three daily meals: non-vegetarian, vegetarian and vegan. You can also create your own salad or have a bowl of soup as well.

For short breaks, there are various possibilities for small snacks and drinks. Or else have an original Italian coffee next to the Philosophikum!

Enjoy the sun sitting on the lawn behind the Main Building or visit the ducks and swans at the Aachener Weiher. If your bike is broken, some friendly people will give you support and advise at the "Fahrradwerkstatt" which is located behind the cafeteria.

The University of Cologne has its own radio station called KölnCampus. Maybe you want to check out the on- and offline training program?

Of course, there are political groups and other units of different interests as well!

Things You Can Do In Cologne

Ehrenfeld, the Belgian Quarter and the Zülpicher Straße are always good to relax or celebrate in the evening. The AZ (autonomous center) at Luxemburger Straße should also be on your list of places to visit in Cologne.

If you just want to watch a movie, choose one of the many big or small cinemas (for example Off Broadway, Odeon, Grünes Kino or Weisshaus Kino). Do you prefer the theatre? Just visit the Studiobühne.

Things That Could Be Interesting For Students of Cultural Anthropology

Compared to other subjects and the number of students, cultural anthropology in Cologne is rather small. But the institute has many professors and offers many seminars of different topics.

Just show your study certificate for cultural anthropology at the famous Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum (Neumarkt) and visit the big ethnological exhibition for free.

The team of the Allerweltshaus organizes interesting evening programs, mainly on social or ecological issues. Join the discussions or watch some very interesting documentaries!

Once a month "Linke Basics" takes place at the Café Fatsch which gives basic information on different topics of the political left.