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Term Dates + Deadlines

In view of the current dynamic development of the infection situation, the UoC will regularly review the existing restrictions and appropriate adjustments and measures will be communicated via the central website


We would like to ask you to check it regularly, preferably daily.


More information:

Fakulty of Arts: Information in regard to corona virus (in German)

Service restrictions of USB due to the corona virus

Information of the examination office PhilF on "Examination procedures and Corona" in German only.


Semester Dates Winter 2021/22  

Start of semester


Start of lectures


End of lectures


End of semester



01/11/2021 (All Saints' Day)
23/12/2021- 07/01/2022 (Christmas Break),

For the current and upcoming semester dates click here >>

1. Belegungsphase

The first allocation phase for courses during the winter term is running from 21.07.2021 to 10.08.2021

Release of the results: 24.08.2021

2. Belegungsphase

The second allocation phase for courses is running from 02.09.2021 to 23.09.2021.

Release of the results: 06.10.2021.

3. Belegungsphase / Gestaffelte Restplatzvergabe

The third allocation phase for courses is running from 07.10.2021 to 23.01.2022.

Modul Exams |  Deadlines of Winter Semester 2021/22

As of 28 Oct. 2021, registration for all module exams is open

  • until Friday 21 Jan. 2022 Registration for oral examinations (MA AM1 only)

  •  until Friday 21 Jan. 2021 Registration for written examination "Klausur" (BA BM2, BA AM1 and AM2).

  • 14.03.2022 is the registration deadline for the combined examination (submission of term paper) and written exam (report)

The timely submission of your study assignments ("Studienleistungen") is the prerequisite for admission to module examinations:

  • Friday 04 February 2022 is the final deadline for submitting your study assignments (only via email or upload in ILIAS course).

For the combined module examination (term paper) and the written module examination (report)

  • 15.03.2022  is the deadline for submitting the term paper or report. Students are requested to send their completed term papers by e-mail to their examiners. The following information should be included as subject of the e-mail: Your Name; Study Programme, Module, Course Titel, Examiner

A note on term papers and reports: The cover sheet must include the name of the module examination, as well as the examination date noted in KLIPS.

Modulprüfungen | Klausuren im WiSe 2021/22 (Präsenz- und Online Format, nur im Bachelor)

Die folgenden  Klausuren werden im WiSe 2021/22 im Online Format auf der ILIAS- Prüfungsinstanz »EA Flex«  bereitgestellt:

In der Regel haben Sie eine Woche vor Prüfungsbeginn Zugang zu den entspechenden Prüfungskursen über den folgenden Link: https://www.e-klausuren.uni-koeln.de/ea-flex/

4506A.BFBM1 | MP BM 1: Einführung in die vergleichende Kulturforschung | Prüfer*in: Prof. Pelican et al. : Einführung in die Ethnologie : Klausur als Online Prüfung ("Open Book" Prüfung)  im ILIAS-Format "Übung" (90 min für Prüfung plus 90 min Puffer für download /upload der Prüfungsunterlagen).

4506A.XFAM2 | MP AM 2: Thematische Schwerpunkte der Ethnologie 2 | Prüfer*in: Prof. Zillinger : Einführung in die Religions- und Medienethnologie  :  Klausur als Online Prüfung ("Open Book" Prüfung) im ILIAS-Format "Übung" (90 min für Prüfung plus 90 min Puffer für download /upload der Prüfungsunterlagen).

Die folgende Klausur findet in Präsenz statt:

Sollte es pandemie-bedingt zu Einschränkungen kommen, werden Sie rechtzeitig über das neue Format der Prüfung informiert.

4506A.XFAM1 | MP AM 1: Thematische Schwerpunkte der Ethnologie 1 | Prüfer*in: Prof. Rössler : Einführung in die Wirtschaftsethnologie : Klausur in Präsenz (90 Minuten)

  • Regulärer Termin Klausur in Präsenz: Di 01.02.2022 von 12:00-13:30
    in Hörsaal XXX (Alte Botanik)
  • Nachschreibetermin Klausur in Präsenz: Di 15.03.2021 von 10-11:30
    in Hörsaal H80 (Philosophikum)



Module Exams | Registration and Submission of Term Papers : Deadlines in SoSe 2021

  • Registration for module examinations in the exam window of SoSe 2021 is no longer possible.
  • 15 Sept. 2021 has been the deadline for submitting reports and term papers.