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Blogserie "Die boasblogs"


The boasblogs are a series of topic-related blogs that take up current topics relating to the anthropological sciences, discuss them in their controversy through a wide circle of contributors, and at the same time ask about the public role and social relevance of anthropological knowledge.

All boasblogs, in the sense of a public anthropology, aims to make scientific findings accessible to a broader public in order to make a critical-constructive contribution to current social debates and to help shape social relations at various political, social and everyday levels.

Every single boasblog is published and organized by different and independent editors. Suggestions for new topics and editorial teams are continuously requested at: info@boasblogs.org

Editors of the blog series are: Christoph Antweiler (Bonn), Michi Knecht (Bremen), Ehler Voss (Bremen) & Martin Zillinger (Cologne)

The blog series is jointly financed by the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) Media of Cooperation at the University of Siegen, the Department of Anthropology and Cultural Research (IFEK) at the University of Bremen, the Global South Studies Center at Cologne University (GSSC) & the Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften.