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Buddy Programme


  • Buddy Programme 2022
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    Buddy Programme 2022

    starts with Workshop "Intercultural Skills"

  • Workshop
    Start of Buddy Programm 2022

    Workshop "Intercultural Skills"

    on 28.10.2022, 12-16.30 | register with subvision@posteo.de


This interactive workshop on “intercultural skills” is organized by the certified trainer Manon Diederich. We will discuss and reflect 'intercultural' experiences during the programme, and touch topics such as stereotypes and prejudices; causes for misunderstanding; analysis of explicit inter-/transcultural situations; cultural shock; limits in intercultural interactions. Participants receive a certificate.

After the workshop, students have the opportunity to participate in the CEA buddy programme, organised by Katrin Sowa. During the winter term 2022/23, the programme brings students from different semesters together, and attempts to create an environment where students can make new connections. The programme is part of the M.A. programme “Culture and Environment in Africa”, and should especially help international students who recently came to Cologne to link up with more experienced “buddies”. Therefore, the programme addresses all students from the CEA (both new and from higher semesters); and M.A. students from CEA-involved programmes (Anthropology, African Studies, Archaeology, Egyptology, Geography). Of course, we also welcome B.A. students from higher semesters to join and become a “buddy” throughout the term.

As a start of the programme, the workshop will take place on the 28.10. 12-16.30 in room 222 (Modulbau Weyertal)

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