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Working Group Antidiscrimination

The "Antidiscrimination" working group is comprised of lecturers and students at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Cologne. Established in 2021, our collective mission is to actively address and combat various forms of discrimination within the realms of academia, specifically in the areas of studying and teaching. Our objectives include fostering greater awareness and sensitivity to instances of discrimination, advocating for structural changes and actively supporting their implementation. Furthermore, we aim to stimulate a critical and reflective exploration of our academic history and its conventions.

In addition to the central services provided by the autonomous BIPoC Office (https://bipoc.uni-koeln.de/), the Gender and Diversity Management Office (https://gedim.uni-koeln.de/), or the Inclusion Service Center (https://inklusion.uni-koeln.de/), students have the opportunity to contribute anonymous feedback and actively participate in shaping improvements through the digital “Feedback-Box” at our department. We collect these suggestions and bring them to the attention of the department’s board for further consideration.

If you prefer to engage in a conversation, you can also send an email to the working group or get in touch with a contact person of your choice from the "Antidiscrimination" working group:



The following people are currently active in the working group: Gerda Kuiper, Sandra Kurfürst, Fabian Lüke, Michaela Pelican, Sina Plücken, und Hauke-Peter Vehrs

Below, you will find the feedback form that you can use to provide feedback to the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology regarding teaching, studies, or any other concerns. It is important to note that you have the option to submit feedback either with your name and email address or anonymously. The messages received will be forwarded to two members of the Antidiscrimination Working Group (currently to Eva Fuhrmann and Michaela Pelican) and treated confidentially. Within the working group, decisions will be made on how the feedback can be integrated into the department.

Feedback Box

Please inform us briefly about your request here:

If you want us to send you a direct feedback, you may enter your e-mail address here. The e-mail address will not be passed on to third parties or used for advertising purposes.