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Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology



Opening hours during the summer term (8th April 2024 till 19th July 2024):

Monday to Thursday 9 - 19 h
Friday closed!


ATTENTION: in the summr semester 2024 the "60 Minutes in Ethnography, Theory, Anthropology" will take place Wednesdays (14-15h) on several dates in the library. There will be limited workstations available during this time  but borrowing and returning items will be possible. The exact dates can be found here.

Meet & Greet the Lecturers, Researchers and All Students of Master Social & Cultural Anthropology | Summer 2024

We would like to invite you to the kick-off lecture of our After Lunch Lecture Series "60 Minutes in Ethnographie, Theory, Anthropology"

We then welcome all Master Students to our gallery tour, where we will present the different options for organising your Master's degree in a research-oriented way and, for example, preparing and conducting your own fieldwork.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to share your experiences with fellow students, lecturers, and researchers.

Wed 17. April 2024 2023, starting  at  14:00h in  the Department Library,  Main Building, BT6 (Albertus Magnus Platz)

14:00  | 60 Minutes with Sandro Simon (UoC): Freedom within Unfreedom: Conceptualising Contemporary 'Gleaning' 

15:15 | Meet & Greet - Lecturers, Researchers  and  All Students of Master SCA (Gallery Tour)

moderated by Dr. Simon Holdermann

1. Welcome (Prof. Kurfürst)

2. Fieldwork Practice and Summer/Spring/Autumn Schools Starting in Winter 2024-25

3. Graduate Schools: Graduiertenkolleg Anschließen - Ausschließen & a.r.t.e.s Graduate School (Prof. Kurfürst)

4. Ongoing Research Projects of Prof'es Bollig, Brandstädter, Kurfürst, Pelican, Zillinger, Dr. Stolz & Dr. Kuiper

Upcoming Events | Summer 2024

Dear students and members of the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology

On Wednesday May, 8th the first roundtable discussion of this summer semester will take place at our department library from 16:00-18:30h. We kindly invite all department members and especially all students from our BA and MA programmes to discuss the state of the art and future of anthropology in Cologne, exchange our perspectives, and have an open dialogue. >> read more

Highlights from the past semester

1. Cologne Crossroads Conversation

The Conversations offer a transparent forum for engaging in exchanges and debates that are typically negotiated in closed seminar rooms and behind the scenes of the museum.

" 2018-2023. 5 Years of Making and Debating Restitution"
Prof. Dr. Bénédicte Savoy (Berlin) & Prof. Dr. Ciraj Rassool (Kapstadt)

Recording available online! > read and listen more

EUniWell 2023 | Decentering Epistemologies for Global Well-Being

This Virtual Online International Collaborative Exchange (VOICE), was organized by six coordinators and six facilitators of the Universities of Birmingham, Cologne and Leiden in Europe, Nairobi, Rabat and Western Cape in Africa.

Participants were invited to write individual and collective blogs published on the University of Birmingham webpage.

Read selected posts from students and researchers of DoSCA (UoC) >>>

News on Current Research Activities