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Summer 2021 After Lunch Lecture | 60 Minutes in Ethnography, Theory, Anthropology

Programme Summer 2021

organized by Christoph Lange, Felix Lussem, Amtul Shaheen, Katrin Sowa, Karim Zafer.

Wednesday 14-15h
via ZOOM (please enter the meetings via ILIAS: https://www.ilias.uni-koeln.de/ilias/goto_uk_cat_3973572.html

Persons without smail-account or uni-account may contact Felix Lussem: flussem2@uni-koeln.de


21. April 2021
Out of place: Entangled Crises, Zones of Abandonment and Pragmatic Engagement
by Felix Lussem (IfE)

28. April 2021
Islam and Ethics across Borders: An Ethnography of Differences and Affinities among Muslims in Taiwan
by Amtul Shaheen (IfE)

12. May 2021
“Self-improvement” and Orchestrated Contingency in Contemporary Urban China
by Gil Hizi (GSSC)

19. May 2021
Assembling Hierarchies. Newcomers’ Urban Journeys in Rio de Janeiro
by Tilmann Heil (Lateinamerikastudien)

09. June 2021
Migration and Religious Transformation: Dutch converts to Islam making hijra (Islamic migration) to Morocco
by Nina ter Laan (SFB 1187)

16. June 2021
Circling the Cell Tower: Change through Digitalisation in Rural South India
by Susanne Ebner (a.r.t.e.s.)

23. June 2021
Planting Digital Carbon in the Chinese Desert
by Charlotte Bruckermann (IfE)

30. June 2021
Reclamations from Below: a Study of Resource Claiming Practices in Myanmar Post-Military Rule Period (2011-2021)
by Benoit Ivars (DELTA)

14. July 2021
The Production and Reproduction of Social Inequalities: Global Contexts and Concepts of Labor Exploitation
by Michaela Pelican (VW)

21. July 2021
Rural-Urban Divide, Ideas of (In)justice, and the Politics of Resentment: Reflections on an Increasingly Debated but Infrequently Studied Phenomenon
by Mario Krämer (IfE, GSSC)