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Cologne Cultural and Social Anthropology has set its sights regionally on the continents of Asia and Africa, and thematically on the fields of economic, social and political anthropology, human-environment interaction and media anthropology. A prime feature of the Institute is its devotion to complex contemporary issues, with methodological questions taking centre stage in research and teaching.

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Die Informationsbroschüre "Leitfaden zum wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten" ist online. Sie ist jetzt auch in gedruckter Form im Glaskasten erhältlich.

Hier finden Sie den Sprechstundenplan des Mittelbaus für das SoSe 2017.

Im Rahmen des Seminars "Überblicke über die Berufspraxis" werden dieses Semester drei Diskussionsrunden mit aus der außeruniversitären Praxis kommenden Ethnolog_innen stattfinden. Alle Studierenden der Ethnologie sind zu diesen herzlich eingeladen. Programm


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The Global South Studies Center Cologne (GSSC Cologne) is part of the UoC´s institutional strategy “Meeting the Challenge of Change and Complexity” and connected to the university´s key profile area “Socio-Economic, Cultural and Political Transformation of the Global South”. GSSC Cologne brings together research competency on Africa, Asia and Latin America, bundles their activities and creates synergies between individual researchers and disciplines.

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The University of Cologne (UoC) Forum 'Ethnicity as a Political Resource: Perspectives from Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Europe' aims at promoting scientific exchange between researchers from different institutes within the University of Cologne as well as with national and international partners. Its objective is to strengthen the interdisciplinary and international dialogue on the formation of ethnic identities and their use as a political resource in diachronic and comparative perspective.

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The Institute of Cultural and Social Anthropology, with its three Africa-oriented chairs, ranks among the core African Studies disciplines in Cologne. For over 10 years, institutes of Cologne University’s Arts & Humanities Faculty and Mathematics & Natural Sciences Faculty have been conducting interdisciplinary research on Africa. These activities have been clustered and expanded under the Cologne African Studies Centre (CASC). 

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The "Research and Teaching Network: Media, Culture and Society" is committed to building a research and teaching network for the anthropological study of media practices. The diverse research and teaching activities aim to foster exchange and debate among scholars who explore media institutions, technologies and practices as historically and culturally situated processes.

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Along with the disciplines African Studies, Egyptology, Indology & Tamilistics,Oriental Studies (including Islamic Studies and Indonesian Philology) and East Asian Studies (Chinese Studies and Japanese Studies), the Institute of Cultural and Social Anthropology belongs to Subject Group 4, “Non-European Languages, Cultures and Societies”, within which research and teaching is focussed on the regions of Africa and Asia. 

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