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Dr. Michael Peter Hoffmann

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Short Biography

Michael Hoffmann earned his doctorate in anthropology from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2012. He then joined as a research fellow the 'Industry and Inequality' group at the Max Institute for Social Anthropology in between 2012-2015. Since February 2015 he is a research fellow at the Global South Studies Centre and the Department of Anthropology at the University of Cologne, Germany. Michael is a specialist on the anthropology of labour and armed conflicts.

Thematic Focus and Regional Interests

Industrial Labour, Bonded Labour, Transnational Labour Migration, Armed Conflicts, Revolutions, Globalisation.

Nepal, India, South Asia, Greece.

Publications (Selection)


Hoffmann, M.P. (forthcoming 2018). The Partial Revolution: Labor, Social Movements and the Invisible Hand of Mao in Western Nepal. Berghahn Publications (book contract signed 5 November 2016).

Journal Articles

Hoffmann, M.P. (2017). Unfree Labor after the Maoist Revolution in western Nepal. In Contributions to Indian Sociology. 51: 139-162.

Hoffmann, M.P. (2015). 'In the Shadows of the Maoist Revolution: On the Role of the "People's War" in Facilitating the Occupation of Symbolic Space in Western Nepal'. Critique of Anthropology 35:3.

Hoffman, M.P. (2014a). 'Strong vs. weak targets: Urban activist practices of the Kamaiya Movement in the western lowland of Nepal'. FocaalBlog, 30 October. 

Hoffmann, M.P. (2014b). 'Red Salute at Work: Brick factory work in postconflict Kailali, western Nepal'. Focaal 70: 67–80.

Hoffmann, M.P. (2014c). 'A Symbiotic Coexistence: Nepal’s Maoist Movement and Labour Unions in an Urban Municipality in Post-conflict Far-western Tarai'. Journal of South Asian Development, 9 December: 213–234.

Hoffmann, M.P. (forthcoming, 2017a). 'From Casual to Permanent Work: Maoist Unionists and the Regularization of Contract Labour in Industries in Western Nepal'. In Industry and Inequality in Euroasia, eds. Catherine Alexander, Chris Hann and Jonathan Parry.

Hoffmann, M.P. (forthcoming, 2017b). 'Rebels and Revolutionaries: Urban Mobilizations of the Kamaiya Movement in Post-Conflict, Western Nepal'. In Worldwide Urban Mobilizations, eds. Don Kalb and Mao Mollona.