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Prof. Michael Casimir as your PhD Supervisor

As an anthropologist, who began as a biologist, cultural studies are at the center of my work. The interplay of environmental and bio-factors with cultural characteristics – not least in the field of universal research – is a focus of my research interests. My fields of work are therefore: cultural ecology, medicine anthropology, anthropology of nutrition, anthropology of emotions, socialization research and pastoral nomadism. The focus of my work in Central Asia, especially in the area of Afghanistan, Pakistan and North India. The researches of the past decades and to this day have been carried out in the Indian part of Kashmir.

Dissertations Supervised

Work in Progess

Zíková, Monika
Doing Burakumin - Ethnizität am Beispiel einer marginalisierten Minderheit in Japan

Recently Completed

Böke, Martin
Wandel und Persistenz indigener Krankheitskonzepte im urbanen China (funded by a.r.t.e.s.)